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whentaniatalks: VIDEO: Finish 6 By Summer - Project Pan

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

VIDEO: Finish 6 By Summer - Project Pan

Hi Everyone!

I've been really enjoying making progress on my 'Finish 15 in 2015' items, but wanted to also do a seasonal project to work through some of the categories where I own a lot of products that have a shorter shelf life - namely lips & nails.

I decided to pick 2 products for each of these 2 categories, then also add in a couple of cream based products to give a little variety.

Go ahead & watch the video. I've also listed the products & a little information about them down below.

The products:

Rimmel Soft Cream Blush in Baby Pink
I've never seen these being sold in stores - my Mother-in-Law was given it & felt it was too young for her so passed it along to me. I really like this blusher, the shade is beautiful! One of the reasons I chose this over some of my other cream blushers is that the shade is perfect for spring! Another reason is that the lid has become loose & now opens at will, so I can't travel with it. I get frustrated with broken packaging, even when I've got more than enough other products I can travel with!

Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Blue Velvet
I have a review on this product, which you can view here. As I explain in this review, the product has a tendency to break. I was reviewing it at the height of summer & Daniel Sandler's people told me it should stop doing this as the weather cools. Not really what I'd expect - to me the 'Long Lasting Waterproof' part of the name would lead me to believe that it would be perfect for the summer & holidays to hot countries. I have another blue liner that I prefer, so I figured I'd try & make some substantial progress on this one before the weather 
gets too hot! 

Chilli Pepper Nail Polish
Another product passed on to me by my Mother-in-Law. She didn't feel the colour suited her. To be honest, this one has sat in my draw unused as I have so many nail polishes! With it's colour, I thought it would be a perfect choice to bring out for the spring months. Unfortunately there is no indication as to the shade name or number.

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Royal Rose
I have had this polish for many, many years. It's a beautiful shade & I thought I'd be better off starting to working through my older polishes first.

No. 7 Perfect Lips Pencil in 20 Nude
I've a lot of lip products, but have only recently started to get into lip liners. I've had this one for a while though & think it's high time I used it up.

Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in 222 Casual Beige
I've been informed by a Dior employee that this lipstick is no longer being made. It's a lovely nude shade that goes brilliantly with the No.7 lip liner I've also chosen for this project. I've used up quite a bit of this lipstick & really want to finish it before it goes off (though I don't think that'd be any time soon ) to get my money's worth.

While I can only see myself finishing the lipstick, I'm going to take this opportunity to really make some progress on the items I've chosen.

Excited to see how I get on? You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all my Project Pan updates as well as many more videos!

What 6 items would you choose to finish by summer?

Tania Xx


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