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whentaniatalks: Embracing My Differences

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Embracing My Differences

Hi Everyone!

This is a post that has been inspired by the lovely Beth from Beauty In Beta. She wrote a post entitled 'Beauty In Beta Vs Beth' & it really resonated with me.

Since this, I’ve had conversations with two lovely ladies. One was prompted by Rachel from Strawberry Sundaes' blog post 'When Wearing Glasses Gets Boring'. The other was as a result of seeing a pic of Jo from @purlbeadsjo on Instagram wearing her precision tinted lenses.

When I went to #bloggersfestival this August, I became aware that very few people recognised me because I was wearing my glasses. By not wearing my glasses for my profile pic I have, essentially, created a blogging persona that doesn’t fully represent me. I’ve always tried to educate people about my conditions & I’m quite upset with myself that I haven’t done it in this instance.

I initially posted without my glasses for filming YouTube videos, because they completely covered my eyes & looked as though I was wearing very dark sunglasses. From this, my glassesless profile picture followed. 

I also wanted to have something in my life that made me appear normal - I don't know why as I should be celebrating & embracing my differences, while empowering others to do the same. I don’t feel I’ve represented myself well & feel I’ve done a disservice to those who wear precision tinted lenses for conditions such as migraine, epilepsy, dyslexia, Mears-Irlen Syndrome & Autism.

In April 2015, I am going to start the process of coming off my medication to try for a family. I will be starting a parenting blog at this time to document my journey for all parents to be, particularly for those who have medical conditions to consider. This will be the ideal opportunity to change my blog’s business cards. At the moment the background is of makeup. This was also not planned very well as it doesn't represent the whole of this blog & has no relevance to my Tania Talks Health blog. I will use this opportunity to replace my glassesless profile picture with one of me wearing my glasses & also change the design of my business cards to better represent my brand.

Here are some more lovely people who have accepted me as I am - you might recognise them!

Thank you all for reading my rabbly post – I really appreciate it!

Have you created a persona for your blog whether by design or a gradual evolutionary process? Do you feel your persona had a positive or negative impact?

Tania Xx

Want to know about my experience with Botox as a migraine treatment? It's over on Tania Talks Health.



At 19 November 2014 at 17:48 , Blogger Kat Horrocks said...

It's so amazing how much glasses/no glasses changes your face, and this goes to show how much that little profile pictures ingrains in people's memory of what you look like!

I definitely choose profile pictures where I'm wearing a lot of makeup, which obviously doesn't always happen in real life! So if someone met me I would imagine they would be surprised at how 'unpolished' I looked LOL!

Kat Horrocks

At 20 November 2014 at 18:12 , Blogger Bethan Likes said...

It is amazing how different people can look in photos to real life. I know I wear glasses the majority of the time but always try to avoid having pictures taken in them, should be more brave!

Bethan Likes


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