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whentaniatalks: My MAC Eyeshadow Palette (& Weight Loss)

Monday, 9 June 2014

My MAC Eyeshadow Palette (& Weight Loss)

Hi Everyone!

As a lover of Urban Decay eyeshadows, I have never owned a MAC eyeshadow! I felt that now was the time to rectify this. So I decided to purchase an empty MAC quad & fill it with my chosen shadows. I decided to incorporate my weight loss with creating this palette. You can read my medicated weight issue story here.

I am 5" 3'. My 'normal' weight is 8st 7lb, size 8 (sometimes 10 to allow for my large thighs & boobs) and a 30E. At my heaviest, I was 11st 9lb, size 12-14 and a 32FF.

So I decided that each 7lb (1/2st) I lost, I would treat myself to a MAC eyeshadow. As well as being a incentive, my palette will provide a visual aid to my weight loss, allowing me to see how much I have lost & how far I have got to go (2st splits nicely in to 4!).

At the moment I'm not doing well because of a lack of mobility due to a knee operation & complications with my joints (11st 7.5lb). My first eyeshadow is going to be orb when I reach 11st.

What MAC eyeshadows would you recommend I get for my quad (not the Velux Pearl finish as they contain wheat)? 

Tania Xx



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